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From day trips to local businesses to international adventures, Girl Scout troops often plan trips, travel, and other activities beyond their regular troop meetings.  Many of these trips and activities require approval by the Girl Scout council—either because they involved high risk activities or overnight stays or to fulfill Safety Activity Checkpoint requirements.  To make activity and trip planning easier for leaders, we’ve assembled the pertinent information and required paperwork into this Activity and Trip Planning Guide.  The guide covers the basics you need to know to begin activity and trip planning with girls.  It describes the council approval process and includes several relevant forms.  To access individual forms included in the guide, visit our Troop Forms section and search alphabetically for the form you need. 

Ready for the next step?  
Click here to begin the Activity and Trip Approval Application.  Use the chart in the Activity and Trip Planning Guide to see if council approval is required for your activity or trip.  

Questions about activity and travel approval?  Email the program team at program@girlscoutsksmo.org or call us at (816) 759-3050.