Night Eyes Tag

Suggested Program Level: Juniors – Cadettes

Similar to flashlight tag, but girls will look for nocturnal animals with reflective eyes.


- Flashlights for each girl
- Batteries
- Nocturnal animals with reflector tape for eyes placed around the area (up in trees, on the back of signs, etc.)
– poster board


- One time: make the animals on poster boards – use reflective tape for eyes

- Every time: One counselor needs to go place the animals right before the activity while the girls are busy.


1. Explain that nocturnal animals are animals that are mainly active at night. Ask the girls to brainstorm a list of animals that are nocturnal. (Owls, bats, raccoons, skunks, opossums, fireflies are the most popular)

2. Explain to the girls that a lot of nocturnal animals have a special reflective layer in their eyeball (called tapetum lucidum) that helps them gather more light so they can see clearly in the dark.

3. Take the girls outside with their flashlights; explain the boundaries for the tag game, then have the girls go in pairs to try to find the nocturnal animals.

4. Once all of the animals are found, discuss which real ones would be the hardest or easiest to see.

Animal Images:
Optional – sneak this one out after they think they are finished!