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Geocaching Trails

Suggested Program Level: Juniors – Cadettes

Take the girls on a geocaching adventure to learn how to navigate a trail using coordinates.


- GPS units – 1 unit for every 2-3 girls if the group is large
- Trail map with coordinates
- AA Batteries


1. Explain the purpose of coordinates – latitude and longitude and how they lay out on the planet.

2. Show the girls how to use the GPS unit to type in coordinates.

3. Compare different GPS units before you start moving to the first coordinate to show that the lines may not be entirely accurate.

4. Remind girls that the GPS unit will take them the most direct route, so they need to look at their surroundings to find the best way to get to that spot (may have to walk around a building, etc.).

5. After the first geocache is found, look at the clue that corresponds to your camp theme.

6. Type in the coordinates to get to the next location, and continue until every geocache has been located.

Optional Activities:

1. If the girls want to make SWAPS to include in the geocaches after the summer program is over, those can be stored with the GPS units and will be placed in geocaches in the fall. When making SWAPS for geocaches, be sure that all of the supplies are unscented.

2. Use the computers to locate other geocaches in the communities that the girls are from. Geocaching.com is a great resource to help find trails the girls can use when they get home.

3. Hike another part of camp and create a new geocaching trail. Write down the coordinates and some clues that GS staff can use to create new trails this fall. Leave the coordinates and clues with the camp director to pass along to program staff.