This activity is a fun way for girls to make their own fireflies that glow at night.

Suggested Program Level:
Brownie - Junior

- Plastic Easter eggs
- Flameless LED tea-light candles
- Push pins
- Pipe cleaners cut into 3 inch segments
- Pipe cleaners cut into 6 inch segments
- Duct tape
- Scissors
- Permanent markers


1. Each girl gets 1 egg, 1 candle and 3 segments of pipe cleaner.

2. Show the girls how to fold the short pipe cleaner in half and set aside.

3. Have each girl twist 3 of the longer pipe cleaners together and tape the middle section onto the longer egg half. Show the girls how to bend each end of the pipe cleaner down to make 6 legs.

4. Give each girl another 4-5 inches of duct tape, show them how to carefully fold over the tape so it sticks to itself, leaving a small strip at one end to stick to the top side of the long egg half (the bottom side of the long egg half already should have the legs attached).

5. Girls can trim the duct tape to make it look like wings – if they cut the duct tape like the top of a heart it should look like wings.

6. Show the girls how to turn on the flameless candle, put it in the long egg half.

7. Position the short pipe cleaner so when you close the egg, the folded tip is lined up with the wings. Then close the egg, catching the tip of the pipe cleaner to act as antennae.

8. Draw eyes onto the short half of the egg once all of the pieces are in place.

9. Show the girls how to open the egg to turn off the light.