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STEM Programs at Camp

There are several options for STEM activities that Girl Scouts can do on our camp property.

To search for available dates, visit our online registration system, then use the search tools to narrow the options to STEM programs. Programs are made available 90 days before the program date, and registration closes two weeks before the program date. 


smallpic-astro.jpgSTEM Junior Astronomy:

Use technology to see the night sky in a whole new way!  Junior Girl Scouts will learn about how objects appear to move across the sky and make a tool to help identify constellations at any time during the year.

Girls will use telescopes, and other scientific tools to learn about the night sky. What you see in the sky changes with the seasons, and the volunteers will help you understand what you’re looking at when you watch the stars at night.  A portion of this program is outside, so dress in layers depending on the weather.

STEM Teen Astronomy:

Telescopes, laptops and other scientific tools will be used for an in-depth look that will change the way you look at the stars at night.  Girls in grades 6-12, this is a great opportunity for you!

Girls in grades 6-12 will learn about how the seasons determine the stars and planets you can see in the sky.  Using tools, such as telescopes, as well as a little math to do some calculations, girls will get a great introduction in astronomy.  The volunteers have been trained by NASA educators, and understand how to take very big ideas, and make them easy to understand.  This activity will be partially outdoors, so dress in layers.  If it is cloudy and impossible to look at the night sky, there are other ways to learn these concepts in the STEM outpost at Tongawood.

STEM Geocaching:

This high-tech scavenger hunt allows Junior Girl Scouts to pair their love of the outdoors with their love of technology to earn a part of their Geocacher badge.

This program teaches girls how to use hand-held GPS units to find geocaches using coordinates.  The girls will learn how to use the GPS as a guide, and how to navigate through the woods.  The majority of the program time will be spent outdoors, so girls should dress for the weather, and wear closed-toe shoes.  If the girls have created swaps for the geocaches, they may bring them to share with others, but it is not a requirement of this program.

STEM Letterboxing:

Brownie Girl Scouts will learn about the international game of Letterboxing as they discover hidden boxes throughout camp.  They will be able to work on earning a part of the Letterboxing badge as well!

Girls will learn how to use a compass to follow clues around camp to locate letterboxes.  The girls can bring stamps they have made as part of the badge requirements to show the other participants, but that is not required.  The majority of this program will be outside, so girls should wear closed-toe shoes and wear layers appropriate for the weather.

STEM Wonders of Water

Brownie Girl Scouts will learn about water cycle and how to clean dirty water.  This is a great program if you are working on earning the Wonders of Water journey!

Girls will do several activities dealing with the water cycle, water quality and they will learn some problem solving skills along the way.  This program enhances the Wonders of Water journey, but would be an engaging program for any Girl Scout that wants to learn about how to conserve Earth’s resources.  The program primarily takes place inside, but bringing layers and wearing closed-toe shoes is always a good idea when visiting camp.