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Whether you’re planning a weekend of camping with your troop, or you’re taking your girls to a camp for an afternoon program, there is always more you can do while at camp!

Take a Hike! 
  • Ask the Site Manager about the hike materials.  Each Girl Scout camp has a four-senses hike that would be great for Daisies or Brownies. If your girls are older, they might be interested in a color hike. The Site Managers will be able to give you the materials you need so you and your girls can take a hike around camp and see something that might have gone unnoticed on a normal “walk” across camp.
Letterboxing & Geocaching
  • If Brownies want to earn their Letterboxing badge, or Juniors want their Geocaching badge, camp is a great place to do that work!  Almost all camps have geocaching and letterboxing trails.
STEM Activities
  • If you’re looking for something fun and different for your day at camp, consider one of the STEM activity guides. Most of the materials you may already have on hand for a fun experiment at camp.