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Letterboxing & Geocaching
If Brownies want to earn their Letterboxing badge, or Juniors want their Geocaching badge, camp is a great place to do that work!  All camps have geocaching OR letterboxing, and some camps have both.
*These trails are used by Girl Scouts year-round, and sometimes the elements and usage take their toll on the quality of the cache or letterbox. If you use one of the trails and find damaged materials or a box is missing, please email details of the issue to the STEM Program Manager.


Letterboxing & Geocaching off Girl Scout property:
If you are taking girls to another community space and you’d like to Letterbox or Geocache, check out www.letterboxing.org or www.geocaching.com  for other trails.
Creating a new trail:
If your troop is interested in creating a trail for other troops to use on Girl Scout camp property, please contact the STEM Program Manager. This is a great way to help other troops have more options when they go to camp, and it's a great team-building activity for your troop!
Equipment rental:
GPS units are available for rent. To reserve a set of 10 units visit our Equipment Rental page.