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WHO: Grade K-3 (as of 3/1/14) and their moms

Camp Daisy Hindman


MD Session 1: June 7-8
MD Session 2: June 27-28
MD Session 3: June  28-29
*You can still enjoy a summer camping experience with your daughtercheck out Family Camp!
To be added to the wait list, email campdept@gsksmo.org.

Enjoy a unique one-on-one camping experience with your Girl Scout. During this relaxing campout, you’ll go on hikes, participate in arts and crafts, learn camping basics, enjoy a STEM activity, sing camp songs, visit the sprayground and cook out over a campfire—all at your leisure! This campout allows you and your Girl Scout to choose your own activities at your own pace. Dependent on weather, you will even have a chance to visit the barn and participate in a lead-line horseback riding class (moms lead, girls ride!).

Each Mother/Daughter pair can list one other camping pair as camp buddies. Buddies will camp together in the same campsite. Camping facilities vary. 

** You must select both the mother and the child on the registration screen **

Cost: $45/person  Pay the Difference - What's this?  $65/person