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pint-antibully.gifAnti-Bullying Initiatives & Resources

Bullying: It has been called a national epidemic and a public health issue.  Girl Scout leaders, volunteers, and parents are in a great position to help girls learn how to have healthy relationships. This skill can have an impact on a girl for the rest of her life. Girl Scouts is in a unique position to connect the values of the Girl Scout Law such as being honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, and respect self and others to issues of bullying.

Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri is committed to providing anti-bullying resources for our leaders, volunteers and girls. By helping girls gain confidence and develop relationship skills and giving them the tools to advocate for themselves and others, we are developing leaders who resolve conflicts, build consensus, and bridge divides.  We are building girls who have the courage, confidence and character to stand up and make a difference with the growing national problem of bullying.  


Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast developed an anti-bullying initiative for grade K – 5 Girl Scout Leaders, and has graciously given us permission to use it.  The leader’s guides, consisting of 5 -6 sessions, are perfect for use in the troop setting.

gray-line-thin.gifGirl Scout Cadettes

From the  Leadership Journey Series-  It’s  Your World – Change It, the aMAZE: The Twists and Turns of Getting Along helps girls get tips and learn strategies for creating healthy, long lasting friendships.

  • Page 75 – Caution: Bullies Straight Ahead
  • Page 96 – Surfing Through Cyber Relationships
  • BFF (Be a Friend First)
  • If your girls are interested in delving deeper into bullying, the BFF program is a great resource. Designed to work with the aMAZE! Journey, the BFF Leader’s Guide is an excellent supplement to be used with the Journey.
  • In BFF, girls get to explore thorny issues like peer pressure, stereotyping, gossip, and cliques through engaging role-plays, creative writing, games, and discussion exercises. They can also create and lead projects in their schools and communities to tackle bullying issues on their terms and turf!
  • Healthy relationships are the solution to bully prevention. BFF inspires girls to lead one another—with friendship!  Please email program@gsksmo.org if you are interested in learning more about BFF.


Community Program Partners

GSKSMO has several community partners who offer opportunities for girls on topic of bullying and healthy relationships.

Power UP

The Power Up program, a nationally recognized bullying prevention initiative from the Girl Scouts of Colorado, seeks to encourage the 85% of the population who are bystanders to bullying (rather than targets or bullies) to recognize the strength in those numbers and use it to intervene when they see something wrong. An all-girl program, Power Up is focused on preventing the verbal and relational bullying prevalent among girls.

The stereotypical vision of bullying is the kind of physical bullying more common among boys. Far more common among both boys and girls is verbal bullying, name-calling and other forms of verbal harassment. Most people and programs virtually ignore relational bullying, the systematic diminishment of a child’s sense of self-worth through exclusion, shunning and gossip.

Power Up is unique in that it focuses on experiential learning, relational bullying, and defender training to teach bullying prevention.  Power Up teaches girls how to identify bullying; address bullies, targets and bystanders; and gives girls the tools they need to intervene when they see bullying. 

Relational bullying is all too common among girls of all ages, but girls can be taught to prevent it and to intervene when they see any bullying happen in their schools or communities.

For more information, contact Diana Rhoads, rhoads1608@hotmail.com; 816-679-3994 or Kellie Temple, kellietemple@earthlink.net; 816.678.2128.