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Natural Grocers

The following information is the same for all listed workshops:

When: You Schedule It! 


  • 9108 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66212
  • 14921 West 119th Street, Olatha, KS 66062
  • 1301 West 23rd Street, Lawrence, KS 66046
  • 19019 East 48th Street, Independence, MO 64055
  • 6819 Johnson Drive, Mission, KS 66202

Cost Per Girl: Free!

Cost Per Adult: Free!

How to register: Call the Nutritional Health Coach at your location to register your troop.  If they are not in leave a message and they will get back with you ASAP.:

  • Brooke at the Overland Park location at (913) 385-2000
  • Jenny at the Olathe Location at (913) 764-0918 
  • Crystal at the Lawrence location at (785) 830-8500 
  • Elizabeth at the Indendpence location at (816) 478-1990
  • Alexa at the Mission location at (913) 432-5200

Questions: Call the Nutritional Health Coach at your location.


Program Name:  
It’s Your World – Change It! Workshops

Who: Brownie, Junior and Cadette

What: Come learn about Natural Grocers, a company founded by a female who wanted to make big changes in the world for the health of her family, friends and everyone else she could reach.  Find out how this company is making positive changes in the community and learn more about how to care for yourself and others by being mindful of what you put in your bodies. This workshop has ties to the Journey’s Brownie Quest, Agent of Change and Girltopia and will be geared towards the appropriate grade level.


Program Name:  It’s Your Planet – Love it!  Workshops

Who: Daisy, Brownie and Seniors

What: If your Daisy Girl Scouts are working on Between Earth and Sky, come to Natural Grocers for our Food Jungle course which focuses on food quality and how what we choose to eat can be environmentally friendly or not-so-friendly food. We will compare conventional to organic foods and try to match pictures of food with where it came from.  

For Brownie Girl Scouts working on Wonders of Water, Girl Scouts will learn about the types of meat we eat and how those meats affect our water systems and how we can work together to protect our waters. We will create posters that can be displayed in Natural Grocers for our customers to learn more about how they can help too!

If you are a Senior Girl Scout Troop working on SowWhat?, come to Natural Grocers and learn about sustainable agriculture, how to choose food that is environmentally conscious and learn about how food is processed so you can make smart food choices. 


Program Name:  It’s Your Story – Tell It!  Workshops

Who: Daisy and Brownie

What: Daisy Girl Scouts will discuss what cows, chickens and other animals need to be healthy and happy.  A perfect tie in to 5 Flowers, 4 Stories and 3 Cheers for Animals! In a light and positive conversation, Girl Scouts will learn more about the importance of happiness, fresh air and freedom of the animals that provided them their burgers and chicken nuggets!  Girls will work on a mural to showing how they envision the perfect world for raising our animals.

Do you know what country hummus originates from?  In this workshop tailored towards the journey A World of Girls, Girl Scouts will learn how many foods we have here in the US that is from other countries.  We will talk about foods girls commonly see in restaurants and home, what they like and dislike and why our parents eat these foods.    


Additional Badge Programs:  Natural Grocers also offers classes for the following badges: Snacks, Simple Meals, New Cuisines and Eating for Beauty.