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MOCSA offers workshops to empower girls. Through their workshops girls will gain valuable information about healthy relationships, sexual violence, social media awareness and bystander engagement.Their interactive workshops will allow girls to be proactive in creating a safer, happier world. See descriptions of their workshops below. All workshops are free but the organization requests a donation to cover supplies and mileage.

Project Aware
This workshop is designed for Daisies, Brownies and Juniors. The workshop educates girls on body safety including what to do if someone makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe, identifying trusted adults, understanding the difference between good, bad and confusing touches and more. The workshop is available in English and Spanish. Available in Missouri counties only.
Social Media Awareness
Participants will learn about the types of sexual harassment, how harassment can be perpetrated through digital technology, forms of internet harassment including cyber bullying and sexting, and what to do to reduce or respond to harassment. This workshop is designed for Cadettes and is a great tie-in to the Amaze Journey.
Teen Exchange
Teen Exchange is a comprehensive multi-session curriculum designed for Seniors and Ambassadors. The sessions include the following topics: Gender Stereotypes, Sexual Harassment, Social Media Awareness, Healthy Relationships, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, Consent in Relationships and Bystander Engagement.
Strength Club
Through multiple sessions this program explores what Seniors and Ambassadors think about their world, about themselves and empowers them to engage in healthy relationships and challenge harmful views. Girls Strength Club is a preventive education program designed to:
  • Inspire and promote self-care, self-esteem, and motivation
  • Develop life skills, healthy coping skills, communication skills and
    decision-making skills
  • Empower young women to become helpful bystanders
  • And educate about sexual violence, how to prevent it and how to support victims.
They will come to your location. They can come anywhere in Jackson, Platte, Clay and Cass Counties in Missouri and Johnson, Wyandotte, and Miami Counties in Kansas.
To schedule or learn more about Project Aware: Contact the Project Aware Coordinator at 816-931-4527 or
For more information or to schedule one of the other presentations, please contact the Coordinator of Education and Outreach Services at or 816-285-1373.
Please note that these workshops could be considered sensitive topics. Parent permission will need to be received using the Sensitive Topic Permission Slip prior to the workshop.