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Deaf Cultural Center

Program Name:  Hands-On Workshop

Who:  All  levels

When:  You Schedule It!

Where:  Deaf Cultural Center (DCC) located at 455 E Park Street, Olathe, KS 66061

What:  The DCC Hands-On Workshop offers an enriching and interactive experience.  This program helps introduce children to the Deaf community as well as bridge the gap between the Deaf and hearing communities.  It is a wonderful compliment to a DCC museum visit!

Our general Hands-On Workshop is a 1 hour program split into three 20 minute activities: ASL Storytelling, a lesson in food signs, and an art projet.

 Our ASL Storytellers are members of the Deaf community offer a truly a unique experience for the children to observe sign language in action and interact as they follow the story. During the food signs lesson the children learn a variety of ASL signs for everyday food items such as fruits and vegetables. The art project is a fun and creative way for the children to make their own souvenir while continuing to learn about the language and culture.

We also encourage our groups to take the museum tour after the workshop. This includes a tour of our mock living environment and an exhibit that showcases modern alerting devices and technology that facilitate independence and safety in the home and is always a highlight! The remainder of the museum explores the Deaf community through an explanation of cultural and linguistic history plus a look at the Kansas School for the Deaf through the years.  Through the museum tour, participants will be exposed to some of the common misconceptions about Deaf individuals and develop a greater understanding of, knowledge of and respect for the Deaf community.

For troops looking to align their DCC visit into a specific Girl Scout Journey, we also offer the following modified versions of our Hands-On workshop.  Note:  If your DCC visit will be part of a troop Journey, please specify which one when scheduling your workshop.

Brownie Journey:  A World of Girls
The general Hands-On workshop, as described above, aligns with this journey.
Junior Journey:  aMUSE
Cadette Journey: Amaze!  
The workshop is modified so participants learn ASL signs related to theatre, learn about interpreting in a performance/theatre setting, and see some examples of ASL theatrical performances.  Alongside the workshop, the museum tour addresses common misconceptions associated with the Deaf community and helps participants begin to look beyond stereotypes and recognize that Deaf people can do anything that hearing people can do…except hear.
Cadette Journey:  Media 
This workshop is modified so participants learn ASL signs related to communication and technology.  The museum tour also showcases various forms technology, new and old, available to the Deaf community.
Senior Journey:  Girltopia
Ambassador Journey:  Your Voice, Your World   
We are in the process of developing a workshop to address the importance of cultural and linguistic respect, learn about the field of interpreting and how to work with an interpreter, and discuss some of the laws and rights of Deaf individuals in America.  Initially, this workshop will be offered once a year during Deaf Awareness Week (during the last full week of September) and will be designed to accommodate large groups.  (cost to register for this workshop not yet determined)

Cost Per Girl:  $5 per Girl Scout with a minimum of 10 participants or $50.  Please note: we do ask for an estimate of your group size in advance, however we will calculate the final cost based on the number of participants in attendance.

Cost Per Adult:  N/A

How to register:  Contact the Deaf Cultural Center via email or phone to schedule your Hands-On Workshop.  deafcc.office@gmail.com -OR- 913-782-5808.

Questions:  Contact the Deaf Cultural Center via email or phone with any questions about the Hands-On Workshop program.  deafcc.office@gmail.com -OR- 913- 782-5808.

Additional Information:  To learn more about the Deaf Cultural Center & William J Marra Museum, visit us at www.deafculutralcenter.org and follow the Deaf Cultural Center on Facebook.