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Johnson Couty Library Resources for leaders and troops

Great Free Resources for Leaders and Troops in Johnson Co., KS

The Johnson County library offers a variety of classes related to many topics including environmental, storytelling, arts and more. All classes are free. It is not necessary to be a resident of Johnson County to attend. Check the library’s website for locations and additional classes.

Look for new programming options Fall 2014!

Check out the calendar of events at Library Events for lots of science related programs including a Mobile MakerSpace this summer, and be sure to participate in online summer reading!

 Ongoing Opportunities at the Johnson County Library:

Power Sucks
How much power is your home sucking? What is it costing you? Find out by checking out a Kill A Watt® meter (for free, of course) from any Johnson County Library. Plug the meter in to your home appliances and electrical devices to read the wattage used and converted into dollars. This is a great resource for Junior troops working on the Get Moving Journey.

Maker Space

Library Hours
Central Resource Library

The MakerSpace is a place you can go to learn new skills and software, make cool stuff and customize your world. Use the space to play, tinker and experiment with media, design and electronics in an open and collaborative environment. There are no age limits here; however children under 8 require adult supervision.

Visit www.jocolibrary.org/makerspace for more information and a list of available tools!