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Take Action!
What is Take Action?
Girls will create and carry out a Take Action project with every Journey they complete.  Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards all require Take Action projects.  

Overview of Take Action
Take Action projects are different from community service projects. Take Action elevates projects.

A Take Action project is a chance for girls to partner with others in their community to solve a problem. They learn about getting to the root causes of issues, mobilizing and engaging community members and volunteers, and striving toward creating lasting change in their world. An important component is to understand & address the cause of a problem.

Girls must also make sure each project is sustainable and that the impact is measurable.
  • Measurable: The success of the project can be determine based on the number of people the project helped, the number of people who were involved, any reduction in the community’s need, and other concrete numbers.
  • Sustainable: Girls must make arrangements (such as collaborating with community leaders and/or organizations; building alliances with mentors) to ensure that the project creates lasting change and is not a one-time event.   

Take Action Mini Grants
GSKMO will be offering up to twenty (20) grants of up to $100.00 for Take Action projects taking place during the program year. Download the application for more information. Applications must be submitted by the deadline below.

Deadline: March 15 for projects completed March-June

Deadline: June 1 for projects completed July-September

Steps of a Good Take Action Project:
  1. Girls identify assets and needs in a community.
  2. Girls reach out beyond their circle to meet others. Try to meet people affected by your issue and people who are trying to solve it.
  3. Girls make a team decision about what they will take action on.
  4. Girls learn the steps needed to carry out an action plan.
  5. Girls assist with project logistics
  6. Girls take action alongside community members.
  7. Girls reflect on their action and assess what they gained from it.
  8. Girls celebrate their community accomplishments.