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Gold Award Process

It is important to GSKSMO that every girl is getting a quality Gold experience. The steps explained below are how we do our best to maintain the integrity of the Gold Award and ensure girls will feel encouraged and empowered throughout the whole Gold process. Girls who work the closest with their Gold Award Committee mentors have the greatest success.
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Earned Silver Award and 1 Senior/Ambassador Journey. 
Earned 2 Senior/Ambassador Journeys.

Research issues in your community.

Attend the Go Gold Workshop​ – once your other prerequisites are complete.

Special accomodations can be made for groups of 5+ girls who are more than 35 miles from a Go Gold Workshop location. Email TracyHull@gsksmo.org to request a special panel session 4-6 weeks in advance of desired date.


Paperwork is reviewed by Gold Award Committee.

You will be invited to attend one of the Gold Award Committee Meetings to present your Project Proposal.  The Committee will discuss your project and make suggestions for any changes if needed.  A Gold Award Advisor will be appointed for you and the Gold Award Agreement will be signed.

2017 - 2018 Gold Award Committee Meetings
 Kansas City:

2017 2018
May 3
June 1
July 12
Aug. 3
Sept. 6
Oct. 5
Nov. 1
Dec. 7
Feb. 7, 2018
Mar. 7
Apr. 4
May 3
June 6
July 5
Aug. 1
Douglas County:

As needed on the 4th Thursday of every month


Once the Gold Award Agreement has been signed by you and your Gold Award Advisor, you may begin your project following the Gold Award Guidelines​.

Remember to check in with your Advisor monthly.  Your Advisor is there to offer support and guidance as you strive to achieve Gold.  Communication is key!


Once your Gold Award Project is finished, complete the Girl Scout Gold Award Final Report and schedule a Final Interview with your Gold Award Advisor.  Your Advisor must sign off on your Final Report.

The Gold Award has been officially earned upon completing a successful Final Interview and all paperwork has been submitted to program@gsksmo.org. You will be notified by mail upon successful completion.

Gold Award recipients who complete the steps by Jan. 15 will be recognized at Inspire a Girl on April 1, 2017 at Overland Park Convention Center. More information will be available soon!