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Get Moving


You'll find tons of energizing stuff to make and do in these pages - plus, Dez, the fashionista spider, is back to help you figure out life "off the grid."
Learn more about our Get Moving Institute for Junior Troop Leaders
This is an 11-session Journey, but could be modified to fit your troop’s needs.

Community Programs and Field Trip Ideas

Programming Ideas for Troop Meetings
  • Some of the local energy companies provide educational programs that could be brought to your troop meeting
  • Explore careers in architecture, engineering or “green” building. Consider bringing
    in a speaker
  • Make paper
  • Try composting 
  • Set up recycling at school or your meeting space
  • “Trash to Treasure” art projects

Helpful Hints
  • Each girl should have a copy of the Journey book    
  • The green boxes throughout the Facilitator Guide have great additional programming options