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You'll use all five senses as you clear the air - your own and Earth's! You'll inspire others to act for air and end up making an impact on Earth - and its atmosphere.

This is a 10-session Journey, but could be modified to fit your troop’s needs

**Learn about our Breathe STEM Journey Institute**


Field Trip Ideas and More...
  • Find a place to breathe
  • Visit a yoga studio
  • Take a hike
  • Go camping
  • Explore wind energy by visiting a wind farm
  • Visit the symphony or concert to explore sound
  •  Visit a sound studio
  • Links to specific community partners coming soon!


 Community Partners

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    • CadetteAdult

      ​Perfect for Cadette leaders - this training will dive into the Breathe Journey, and give you the tools you need to help your girls complete a Journey.  A leader guide and girl book will be provided for each participant (1x troop), and each Cadette Girl Scout registered to your troop will recieve a girl book.  This training will help you figure out how to make the Journey series more Girl-Led, and you'll get support from the STEM program staff about how to infuse some extra STEM-stuff into the Journey.

      Date: 8/27/2016
      Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

  • Artcetera
    • Cadette

      Cadettes will create a group project that is simultaneously a project for each to take home.

      Date: VARIES
      Time: VARIES


Programming Ideas for Troop Meetings 

  • Do some of the activities at camp or a retreat instead of troop meetings
  • Make some of the recipes listed in the book or find other “air” recipes
  • Spend time journaling in nature – listen to the sounds, feel the air

Helpful Hints

  • Each girl should have a copy of the Journey book    
  • The green boxes throughout the Facilitator Guide have great additional programming options