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Wonders of Water


The Brownie friends and Brownie Elf enjoy some wonder-filled adventures as they invite you to explore the Wonders of Water - take a pledge to protect water and inspire others to follow your lead.

is a 9-session Journey, but could be modified to fit your troop’s needs.

Community Programs and Field Trip Ideas

  • Local wetlands, lakes or ponds
  • Water treatment plants
  • Local zoo or aquarium
  • Nature centers
  • Have a campout
  • More community partner links coming soon!


Programming Ideas for Troop Meetings 
  • Throw a WOW Tea Party – could be a celebration the end of the Journey
  • The girls in the story go on various trips; try incorporating a field trip into your Journey

Helpful Hints
  • Let the girls partner-read or read aloud in small groups
  • Ask Junior Girl Scouts to help with some of the water activities
  • Each girl should have a copy of the Journey book    
  • The green boxes throughout the Facilitator Guide have great additional programming options