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Your Voice, Your World

How often have you seen a problem and thought, "Why isn't someone doing something about that?" This journey gives you a way to be that someone, using your networking, planning, and communication skills.

This is a 7-session Journey, but could be modified to fit your troop’s needs.

Field Trip Ideas and More...

  • Ideas for advocacy
  • Workshops taught by women who advocate for a living
  • Kansas & Missouri state legislators and visits to the state capitals
  • Shadowing opportunities for girls to work with women advocates
  • Sites of government – state capital, Washington D.C., city hall meeting


 Community Partners



Programming Ideas for Troop Meetings 
  • Research more on women advocates listed in the book
  • A few more ideas are listed on page 15 of the leader book

Helpful Hints

  • The Advocacy Award is not described in girls’ book – mentioned slightly on page 51 – covered in more detail on page 7 of the adult book  
  • Includes information on writing press releases – Troops can always practice writing press releases and can even request assistance from the council PR department. For large stories or major city papers/ other major media sources (i.e. radio & television), please turn any press releases or stories in to the council PR department for review.  For local neighborhood news/church, bulletins/etc., it is recommended to confer with the PR department but not required.
    Each girl should have a copy of the Journey book    
  • The green boxes throughout the Facilitator Guide have great additional programming options