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Becoming a Cookie Volunteer

Want to be the most popular volunteer on the block? By participating as a volunteer in our annual Cookie Program, you’ll be the toast of the town because you know people with Girl Scouts Cookies! We rely on our volunteers in a variety of roles to oversee the Cookie Program. We've got opportunities for just about everyone. Our volunteers are smart and savvy. Being a volunteer provides a great addition to your resume!

Because you’re working with girls and products, all volunteers must be registered Girl Scouts and have background check. Learn more.


Service Unit (SU) Product Sales Managers (PSM) oversee the program for the troops within a Service Unit. Depending on the area, Service Units are comprised of groups of troops (20 – 80, with the average number around 45). As a PSM you are a resource for extra materials, questions from Troop Cookie Managers, you organize a delivery location for your SU and review deposits at the end of the program. Finally, girl incentives ship to you so that you can receive, confirm and deliver the incentives to the girls. Inventory is managed online, using an online program, so it’s key you have access to a computer and the internet.

Service Unit (SU) Cookie Cupboard Managers run a cupboard for the troops within the SU to pick up cookies. An order is placed, in consultation with the council, in February and you pick cookies up from the SU delivery site in late February, early March (some large orders may qualify for delivery to your storage location). Troops place orders from your cupboard online, using an online program so you must have computer and internet access. SU Cupboards shut down in mid-March and you may need to bring cookies to the nearest regional cupboard. Cookies must be stored in odor-free, temperature controlled areas. Boxes should not be exposed to pets, smoke or fumes of any kind and may not be stored in an unheated or uncooled building (i.e. a garage).

Regional Cookie Cupboard Volunteers volunteer in places where we have larger cupboards. This opportunity can be one time or multiple shifts. Currently, we have confirmed we will have a regional cupboard in Kansas City, housed at the Council Headquarters near 435 & 63rd Street. Volunteers should be able to lift 10 lb. boxes multiple times, push a cart, be exposed to indoor and outdoor temperatures and do a bit of computer entry. Possible other locations include St. Joseph, Topeka, Manhattan and Lawrence. Watch this site for more info!

Troop Cookie Managers are volunteers serving a single troop in their area. While many Troop Cookie Managers (TCMs) are a parent of a girl in the troop, it’s not required and many Troop Leaders take on this role in addition to their leadership duties so we have a great need for this level of volunteer. Duties include, in partnership with the Troop Leader, presenting the program to the girls and their parents, assisting the girls with learning the 5 Skills. TCMs also collect payment from parents, issue receipts, keeps detailed records (using our online program Snap), order incentives for the girls and execute delivery of the incentives. Opportunities exist across our 47 county region.
TCMs are required to attend training, provided by the council in November.

Kansas City Metro Area Booth Sales Committee. Because there are so many businesses and troops in the metro Kansas City area, our booth committee works to secure locations where troops can set up booths in two hour increments. Concentrating on businesses in Cass, Clay, Jackson and Platte counties in Missouri as well as Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas, volunteers meet with businesses to promote the cookie program and secure agreements. In turn, these locations are placed in our Booth Lottery so that all troops in an area have fair chance at the most popular locations. Booth Sales are a key factor in success for our troops and we need all the assistance we can get. This is a great opportunity if you are limited on time, but want to help. After the initial meeting your participation is as minimal or extensive as you wish. The initial meeting will be in September, 2014 (date TBA) and the work wraps up in late November.


Questions? Ready to sign up?
Please contact us at cookies@gsksmo.org.