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We come to you! Facilitators will come to a location of your choice.

Animal Wonders will teach the girls how to identify the major groups of arthropods, their diets, life cycles, how to create a captive habitat and care for them.  Girls will get to see live examples of exotic and native insects and arachnids.
Additional Information:
There is an 8 girls minimum for workshops.
Animal Wonders will not charge a travel charge for events scheduled within a 50 mile radius of Holden, Missouri. A $1 per mile charge will added to the program fee after 50 miles (example: if your location is 63 miles from the Animal Wonders office, your travel charge will be $13.).Cost includes a program with lots of live animals, exciting work that applies directly toward accomplishing the journey or badge you select.  
Please note that an invoice will be provided prior to the workshop and payment is expected on the day of.
For more information, contact Animal Wonders at 816-807-4748 or dan@animalwonders.net.

Cost Per Girl: $12
Cost Per Adult: N/A

How to Register:
Contact Animal Wonders at 816-807-4748 or dan@animalwonders.net.