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Understanding Position Codes

Once you have logged on to the Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri Online Registration site you have the ability to update your position code (role) information.
Your position code (role) information can be found at the bottom of you account page.
When a customer purchases a membership for the first time, or a registered member is renewing their current membership, they are given a default position code in Girl Scouts.  Girls hold the position code of Girl Member, and Adults hold the position code of 14 - Adult Member (No Assigned Position).
Adults may hold more than one position if they choose to become a volunteer.  An example would be where an adult is a leader of a troop and a Service Unit team member for her Service Unit.  In this case the Adult would be listed as the 01 on the Troop and an 11 on the Service Unit.
Because Adults may become Volunteers at any time throughout the year, eBiz gives adults a way to self-report on their new (or continuing) positions.  Important: Any position that requires paperwork and/or proper training must be approved by the council in order to be considered “active” in that position.  Detailed information on becoming a Volunteer can be located on our council website – click on For Adults\Volunteer. 
For a list of Adult Position Codes (Roles), please click here.
In order to ensure all position codes are accurate in the new membership year, existing position codes will not be automatically transferred to the new membership year.   You can report your position code for the new membership year when renewing your membership online.