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Troop & Service Unit Management FAQ

How can Service Unit managers find out who is registered to their Service Unit and Troops within their Service Unit?
The online registration system currently does not support functionality for Service Unit Managers to obtain SU & Troop Rosters.  You Membership Manager will send you a roster weekly in Microsoft Excel format.  If you are not receiving these rosters, please contact your membership manager.
What are the benefits of online troop management for troop leaders?
  • Know who’s registered in the troop and who’s not
  • Email parents (the email address is “from” the leader)
  • Print rosters
  • Update girls’ and parents’ contact information
  • Update troop meeting information
  • Print membership cards for girl and adult members
What information can leaders see about troop members in Troop Management?
The leader can see each individual’s registration status and the following information that is contained on a membership registration form: address, phone number, parent/guardian contact information, and racial/ethnic background.
I just added my 01 position but I don't have access to My Troops. Why?
When an adult adds a to their account, the status is "pending" until someone at council approves the position.
Why are adults showing up more than once on my roster in Troop Management?
When an adult registers online, their position defaults to the 14 position.  If they add a position, either during the registration process or their account page, the 14 position code is not replaced by the new position.  It is simply added to their list of position codes.
Why are members showing up more than once on my roster in Troop Management?
When a member re-registers online, you will see one line for their Current membership and one line for the next year's registration.  The line for the Current membership will fall off your list on October 1st of the new membership year.