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Position Code FAQ

I just added my 01 position but I don't have access to My Troops. Why?
When an adult adds a role to their account, the status is "pending" until someone at council approves the position.
How long will my position be in "pending" status?
It usually takes no longer than one business day before we approve your position. If you add your position on a Friday night, however, the position will not be active until the following Monday.  In some circumstances, where you are new to the position or additional approvals are needed, additional time may be required.
Can Lifetime members add their own position?
Yes, the process is the same for Lifetime members. They will need to create a login on the registration site to log into their account.
Can more than one adult be listed as the 01 for a troop?
Yes, a troop can have multiple 01s associated with the troop.