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Managing A Troop

If you are the Active Troop Leader (01) for a troop, you have the ability to perform many functions for your troop. Those functions include:

  • Update your Troop Meeting Information
  • Update the Troop Members’ Contact Information (address, telephone numbers, email address, etc.)
  • Print a Troop Roster
  • Email your Troop Members
  • Re-Register Returning Troop Members

NOTE: The system also provides you with the ability to register new members to your troop. However, due to the requirement for parent/guardian signature for a girl to become a member, we do not recommend you use this feature as you would need to do all entry of individual information. If you choose to use this feature, you will need to obtain and retain paper membership form with the parent/guardian signature on it to ensure proper consent is obtained. Forms can be found on the council website.

If you are the troop leader for more than one troop, you will be able to perform these Troop Management functions for all of your troops.

In order to perform Troop Management functions for your troop, you must be registered with an ACTIVE position code of “01”, which indicates that you are the troop’s leader. If you are not registered with an ACTIVE position code of “01”, you will not have access to the troop management functions.

You must logon to the GSKSMO Online Registration website under your user account, not your girl’s user account.

After logging in with your account to the GSKSMO Online Registration site, click on the "My Troops" tab at the top of the screen.

  • All of your troop members will be listed.
  • If you are the leader of more than one troop, you can switch troop listings by using the tabs on the screen.

1. Once your 01 position has been approved, the next time you log in to the online registration site, you will be prompted to provide Troop Meeting Information.  You will not be able to proceed through the system until this information is entered.

As the Active 01 of a Troop you have the ability to re-register members of your troop for the new membership year using our online registration system. This is a convenient option for troops who choose to pay for membership dues with a troop debit card.

You must complete the renewal of the member’s registration prior to October 1st in order for you to pay for the membership dues through the Troop Management hub. After October 1st, the member will need to renew their membership from their individual Online Registration account.