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All troops/service units (SU) that collect or spend funds for the business of Girl Scouts must open a troop/SU checking account/savings account.
  • Each adult opening a troop account or signing on a troop account must have completed a volunteer application, passed a council background check and be a registered Girl Scout member.
  • If you're not opening or making any changes to your troop/SU account, be sure to report the account information to your council staff contact using the Bank Account Information card.
Please note: There are two methods of opening a Girl Scout bank account— the Bank of America method and the non-Bank of America method. The method you'll use is based on the location of your troop.

Service units in the Bank of America footprint:

601 through 611 618 through 654 661 through 682
701      715 through 716 

Troops in the service units listed above are in the Bank of America ‘footprint’ and should follow the steps outlined in the links below for troop/SU banking in their area:

>> Opening a new BOA troop/SU bank account
>> Making changes to an existing account

Service units outside the Bank of America footprint:

614 655 through 657 684 through 687
702 through 714     801 through 820

Troops who are in the service units listed above are outside of the Bank of America  footprint and should follow the link below for troop/SU banking procedures in their area.

>> Opening or making changes to a non-BOA SU/troop bank account

Questions? Email TroopBanking@gsksmo.org.