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Best Practices - Troop Banking

Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri believes helping girls earn and manage money is an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE). Your Girl Scout troop is responsible for planning and financing its own activities. This gives girls the opportunity to be in charge, and with your supervision and guidance, to cooperatively set goals, manage budget, spend responsibly and maintain records. They will also gain effective marketing skills, business ethic, math and financial skills.

Opening a Troop Bank Account

• All troops/service units with a treasury of $25 or more must open a troop/service unit checking account/savings account.

• Each adult opening a troop account or signing on a troop account must have completed a volunteer application, have passed a council background check and be a registered Girl Scout member.

• Troops and service units should follow the council process of opening an account depending on the service unit they are a part of.

• Once your bank account is set up be sure to immediately report the account information to your council staff contact using the Bank Account Information card.

Adults are to guide the girls and coach them on how to spend their earnings in responsible ways to support their Girl Scout program.

• Regularly share the troop’s account activities publicly at troop meetings.

• Keep all receipts from all GS transactions for a recommended minimum of 3 years.

• Ensure troop funds are used by the troop.

• Balance your checkbook each month by comparing receipts with the bank statement.

• Use your Girl Scout checks or debit card for all troop spending.

• Be sure all troop money goes through the troop bank account.

• Include girls on all financial decisions – It’s part of the GSLE!

• Complete the Troop Finance Report.

• Deposit all money. Do not hold on to parent and customer checks or other forms of payment for more than a week.

Questions? Email TroopBanking@gsksmo.org.