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Troop Money Earning

Is your troop ready for a money earning activity?

Money earning refers to activities organized and carried out by girls (in partnership with adults) that earn money for troop activities. Brownie–Ambassador troops can FUND the FUN by following these five steps to money earning:

Five Steps to Money Earning

1. Follow good money management practices. Read chapter 5 in Volunteer Essentials and determine your need for money earning. If you are considering a money earning activity to fund a trip, be sure you have submitted your Activity & Trip Application and it has been approved.

2. Participate in the council’s Product Sales Programs.

3.  Submit your money earning application at least 4 weeks prior to your proposed activity.

4. Await approval. You will be contacted within 5 business days of submission with a response to your application: approved, pending with additional information needed or denied. If you receive a pending or denied response, your membership manager will provide guidance on other activities you might consider.

5. Once you are approved, your troop can plan and carry out the money earning activity.

Guidelines for Babysitting        
Guidelines for Garage Sales
Guidelines for Restaurant Fundraisers

Examples of Money Earning Activities


• Bake sale
Mother/Daughter event (tea, etc.)
Dinners (chili, spaghetti, etc.)
Garage sale (see guidelines PDF above)
Savers-Recycling & Clothing Drive
Pancake breakfast
Face painting 
Car wash
Craft booth at church or local fair
• Daisy Petal Catch Up
   (for new girls joining a Daisy troop to earn petals)

Water booth at town festival
Pink flamingo flocking
   (special recognition for the adult in service unit)
Make rain barrels to sell at area markets
Babysitting (see guidelines PDF above)
Cake decorating workshop
Gift wrapping
Create a cookbook
Photo booth at special event
Corsages for father/daughter dance
Swap making shop