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Welcome! Thank you for taking on a leadership role beyond your local Girl Scout troop.

Whether you’re a special event volunteer, a day camp unit leader, a service unit product sales manager or a Gold Award advisor, your support of Girl Scouts is valuable and important. 

Step 1:
See a list of volunteer opportunities beyond the local troop level and contact the staff lead or the service unit contact and let them know you are interested. The lead staff or volunteer will set up a time to interview you and share more information about the project or activity.  (Your service unit may have already selected you for a specific role. In that case, you don’t need to contact anyone. You can move on to step 2.)

Step 2:
If you haven’t completed a GS background check within the past three years, complete your application and background check. The application process is pretty intuitive and takes just a few minutes. The free background check is straightforward, too. You’ll securely input your SSN and some basic personal information, and receive an email when you’re good to go.

Please allow two weeks for the successful completion of your background check. 

>> Ready? Start your application and background check now.

Step 3:
Join Girl Scouts as an adult member if it is required for your position. Registration is required for service team positions, day camp administrative roles and council trainers (see complete list). It’s simple to create an online account and click on the Join Now button.  You’ll need a credit card to pay the $15 national membership dues. Any adult is welcome to join Girl Scouts!