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Rappel and Zipline

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Zipline and/or Rappel Assistant Instructor! This is an exciting program that allows you to challenge yourself while providing leadership to girls. On this page we have outlined the process for you to become an assistant instructor for zipline or rappel. You must complete all the steps before becoming an active volunteer assistant instructor in this program.

Prerequisite: Must be in 10th grade.

Required Training: Basic Training for Rappel and Zipline, Rappel Assistant On-site Training, and a half-day shadow experience.

Minimum Service Commitment: Three council activities in the spring and three council activities in the fall season.

Annual Update: Must successfully complete annual skills evaluation each August.

In this training you will learn key elements that are common for both zipline and rappel (safety equipment, knots, challenge of choice, etc.).
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This hands on training focuses on the step-by-step procedure for operation of zipline or rappel. Volunteers can choose to train in zipline, rappel or both.​

On Site Training for Rappelling
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On Site Training for Zipline
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The final step in this process is shadowing.  Once you have completed Step 1 and Step 2, you will be provided with possible days and times for shadowing by the Challenge Course Manger.  Shadowing typically lasts for a half day. Some assistants may need several shadowing experiences before they feel comfortable leading.  Others are ready to go right away.​​​