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Camping 102

Camping 102 will prepare you to take a Girl Scout troop camping in a camp unit. Topics include outdoor cooking and dishwashing, methods of fire-building, knots, activity ideas for your camping trip and more. Topics included in Camping 101 will not be repeated in Camping 102.

Completion of Camping 102 qualifies adults to take a group camping in a camp unit (permatent, tent, or other basic structure, outdoor fire ring, running water and bathroom or latrine).

Who should attend: At least one adult (more is even better!) in each camping group must attend this course prior to your camping trip. At least one adult who has completed Camping 102 training must be present for the duration of campouts with girls.

Prerequisite: Camping 101

Note: Camping 102 is available in a full day format AND an overnight format. Adults who have limited experience with Girl Scout camping are encouraged to register for the overnight training as it is an experience more closely aligned with the format of an actual campout. Camping 102 is recommended for adults working with girls who are Brownies and older.