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Camping 101

Camping 101 will help prepare you to take a Girl Scout troop camping in a building. Topics include how to involve girls in the planning process, what equipment to bring, safety and sanitation, meal planning, basic fire-building, an overview of Girl Scout camp properties and how to reserve facilities for your camping trip.
*You must be a registered member of Girl Scouts before taking this training*

Completion of Camping 101 qualifies adults to take a group camping in a building (heated with basic amenities including a stove, refrigerator, running water and bathroom or latrine). It is a prerequisite for Camping 102.
Who is required to complete this training? At least one adult (more is even better!) in each camping group must complete this on-line course prior to your camping trip. At least one adult who has completed Camping 101 training must be present for the duration of campouts with girls.
  1. Please use one of the following web broswers to complete the training: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These browsers are FREE to download.
  2. Update your Adobe Flash Player to the most recent version.  You can find the most recent version of Flash Player here.